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Stainless Steel
Hypodermic Tubing

Needle Blanks & Shear-Cut Hypotube Parts

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We fabricate cut tube components for hypodermic needles, re-usable needles, injection and transfer (blunt) needles, custom needle cannulas, medical, dental and veterinary tubular devices, from hundreds to billions of parts.

Our high volume production process for hypodermic blanks yields uniform parts with square cut ends and minimal ID/OD distortion, ready for Luer Lock fittings, grinding, and additional machining.

"Four Slide Products provided accurate delivery information not only in the quoting stage but through the production phase."
— Duane D. Riha, Legacy Technologies, Inc.

Made in U.S.A. since 1985

Shear Cut Tubular Components
Stainless Steel Cannulae

Standard, Custom & Half-Gauge Hypotube

We manufacture needle tubes from standard gauge stainless steel hypodermic tubing (gauges 3 to 25) and custom gauge tubing, as needed, for specific configurations. Lengths range from 0.010″ to 18″, with tolerances to ± 0.001″. Our shear-cut process produces square cut edges with no material loss between cuts and minimal OD/ID distortion. We're aslo able to accomplish notching, slotting, punching, bending, and more during the tube cutting process.

Hypotube and Parts Manufacturing

Four Slide Products
Cut to Length Stainless Steel Hypotube

We'll cut your tubing to your exact specifications or source material direct through our relationships with various tubing mills. We precision cut tubes as short as 0.010″ ± 0.001″ in runs from hundreds to billions of tubular parts.

Machining & End Forming Options

Hypotube parts can include notching, hole punching, bulging, pinching, and many more configurations.

The Value of Shear Cutting

Our specialized shear cutting machines eliminate material waste between cuts, saving up to 50% on material costs. We can usually bend, hole punch & end form during the tube cut-off process.

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300 Series Stainless Steel & Other Alloys

We cut hypotubes from 316 & 304 stainless. We also cut other workable alloys including Titanium. Options include full hard, plug-drawn (mandrel), TIG welded, seemless, and capillary tubes. We precision cut to your specifications.

PTFE Teflon® Coating
& Finishing Options

Our shear cutting process requires no deburring. We offer ultrasonic finishing, passivation, ID polishing, and more.

tube end forming Reduced end bulged
reduced / bulged
tube end forming Expanded end
expanded end
tube end forming outside diameter radius
outer radius
tube end forming reduced end
reduced end
tube end forming threaded
tube end forming rounded end
rounded end
tube end forming flanged flared
flanged / flared

Hypotube Fabrication Engineering Support

Use the contact form to your right or call us at (610) 746-0688 to access 25 years of tube part manufacturing experience. We're proud to provide precision cut tubular parts for the Aerospace, Automotive, Electronic, Energy/Nuclear, Medical, and other industries.

We fabricate stainless hypotube for hypodermic needles, re-usable needles, injection and transfer (blunt) needles, custom needle cannulas and specialty veterinary, dental, and medical tubular parts. We offer simultaneous notching, slotting, punching, bending and more.

25 Years of Innovation, Made in U.S.A.

We've specialized in tube cutting and tube parts fabrication for over 25 years.

Our unique shear cutting, bending, and forming machines save you up to 50% on material costs compared to other tube cutting methods by eliminating waste between cuts.

Our innovative multi-stage fabrication process reduces handling and tooling costs, saving you money and reducing lead times. High volume capabilities ensure your job can scale from hundreds to billions of parts. See our hypodermic tubing page for more details.

Contact us with the easy Request for Quote form on the right, or call us at (610) 746-0688 to speak to a tube part fabrication specialist.

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